My little SunShine!

The following page contains pictures of my new dog, SunShine (yep, that's how I spell her name).  She is a Corgi mix, born in late 2001.  You may notice that her tongue sticks out of the right side of her mouth.  She has few teeth and since a dog's teeth keep their tongue in their mouth, her tongue hangs out.  It is definitely her distinguishing feature. On November 1, 2015 SunShine went to the Rainbow Bridge to join my former dogs Starshine and Zipper. I have introduced a pug-chi mix into my home named Boca. See her on her webpage.

Click on the picture for a full-size image.

That's SunShine!! Yep, my tongue really hangs out like that! Aren't I cute!!
My chair!! Well, Hello!! Outside with my favorite toy!
Helping daddy at the computer! Doggie heaven!! This got my attention.
Me and daddy's telescope. My cubby hole in daddy's under desk Darn, he's got that camera again!


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