AP1100 Mount being set up.

Paul Maxson

January 14-15, 2014


Ten boxes, the heaviest was the pier and weighed 31 pounds.

Another view, pondering how long this will take!

Now they are all opened waiting for me to get at it.

One half of the equatorial head.

The Manual...

The pier is set up. My Mewlon 250 is in the background.

Another view of the pier. That guy is sturdy!

Day 2, now 1/2 of the equatorial head is installed.

About aligned for my latitude.

The second half of the head is now installed.

The rear of the mount showing wire management. Genius!

More wire management with the GTO box installed.

From the front. Day 3 will put in the counterweights, dovetail and C14.

The dovetail and counterweight bar is now attached.

We've added the three 24 pound counterweights.

The C14 is installed on the dovetail.

From a different angle. The house in the back ground is to the east of me. Decent eastern sky, no western sky.

Ready for first light. They make a handsome pair! My brother-in-law and I are off to Five Guys for burgers!